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• Two pairs of wings

• 3 body parts

• 3 x pairs of legs

• Few or no hairs


pest control

European Wasps

pest control • 12-15mm long
• Bright yellow and black banded abdomen
• A pair of black spots on each yellow band
• Black antennae
• Look very similar to bees in size and shape, however European Wasps have very bright yellow bands
European Wasps build their nest underground or in cavity walls, ceilings, logs and trees. They also can suspend their nests from branches and the next can be easily spotted by its (space aged) silver ball appearance. Do not approach the nest as these wasps are very dangerous.European Wasps are more aggressive than bees and will attack if their nests are disturbed.UNLIKE BEES, WASPS CAN STING MORE THAN ONCE!!A sting can cause a burning pain and swelling. If stings are multiple, a more server systemic reaction may occur. European Wasps are attracted to meats, sweet foods and drinks.

Paper Wasps

termite control sydney • 10-15mm long
• The abdomen has yellow/orange bands, but is mainly black
• Yellow coloured sections on the face
Paper Wasps form a nest that hangs from beneath an eave, window frame, scrub or bush. Their nests have visible honeycomb cells and can vary in size from a 20 cent piece to the size of a dinner plate.These wasps can deliver painful stings. So DO NOT aggrevate them. They can sting you multiple times causing swelling or a more sever systemic reaction may occur.If a sting has occurred a cold pack may be used to relieve the pain. However, if pain persists or a reaction occurs, seek medical help.

MUD Wasps

pest control • 18-22mm long
• Bright black and yellow colouring
• Thin waist
• Long slender legs
Mud Wasps are not very aggressive. Their nests are commonly found in the mortar between bricks, under eaves or attached to walls on houses. The mud is collected by the wasp from puddles which they construct a nest from. Once building a nest the adult will paralyse an insect and insert it in the built nest with a newly laid egg. The pupate when fully mature feeds on the provided prey then leaves the nest.


termite control • Up to 45mm long
• Orange and black in colour (it can vary on the species)
Hornets nest in sheltered areas like hollow tree trunks. Hornets can mobilise their entire nest to sting in defence. This situation is highly dangerous and must be avoided. The Hornet alarm pheromone is used to raise alarm of nest attack and to identify prey.It is not advised to KILL a Hornet anywhere near a nest, as the distress signal can trigger the entire nest to attack. Hornets can also bite.DON’T DISTURB A HORNET’S NEST AND ALWAYS KEEP YOUR DISTANCE FROM THE NEST.Seek medical advice if you have been bitten or acquired a sting/s from a Hornet or Wasp.

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