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Rats and Mice – Rodent Control is the eradication of vermin from a structure or area. Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company carries out Rodent Control treatments in Sydney residential homes, apartments and strata buildings. We also tailor integrated Rodent Control Programs to commercial businesses, food production facilities and industrial complexes.

Residential Rodent Control

Consists of baiting procedures to roof voids, subfloors, sheds, garages, interiors, exteriors and garden areas. All baits are kept away from children, pets and wildlife. Our Rodent Control baits cover both rats and mice and the baits exist as a solid, a liquid or a soft bait. Non-chemical rodent control methods are also used in conjunction with our baiting procedures. We use snap traps, glue traps and the proofing of entry/exit holes.

Commercial Rodent Control

Programs deal with the control of rats and mice, the protection of produce and stock and to lift hygiene and sanitation levels within a business.

Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company initially assesses problem levels on site before proposing a Quote. All rodent control procedures are preceded by a thorough inspection of the entire premises to identify the rodent and to define the extent of the infestation.

Specific rodent control procedures take into account initial eradication of rats and mice but we recommend ongoing maintenance programs to keep levels of activity at a minimum.

The three major pest species of rodents are the Norway Rat, The Roof Rat and the House Mouse. Rodents are responsible for the loss and contamination of feed from the crop stage to the production and to the storage in both domestic and commercial premises.

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Norway Rat

As climate conditions become less favourable during the onset of winter months, rodents move indoors looking for both shelter and food, however, in commercial premises rodents can be a problem all year round.

Rodents actively look for food at night. Their diet includes food material of both animal and plant material and apart from mice, access to water is necessary.

As rodents are nocturnal their activity is seldom observed during daylight hours, so it is important to recognise signs of their presence. Signs of rodents:-

If nesting in roof space, look for holes through your insulation;

  • Ceiling fibres bundled up, nest;
  • Droppings – they deposit their droppings everywhere that they travel, they are unable to control this action;
  • Stains from urination.
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