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• Wingless, oval shaped and around 2-8mm long;

• Light to deep brown in colour;

• Six legs;

• Has large hind legs that enables them to jump long distances;

• Have piercing and sucking mouthparts adapted to feeding on the blood of their hosts.


pest control

The cat and dog flea are common in Australia. A flea bite is intensely itchy and secondary infections caused by scratching are common.


• It is extremely itchy;

• A red, swollen lump develops up to half an hour after the bite;

• After a day or so, the lump may develop into a blister or a small wound;

• The legs and feet are often targeted;

• Secondary infections caused by scratching are common;

• Some people may become hypersensitive to bites

• Humans often get bitten when their original host (dog or cat) has been removed from a site or if a site is heavily infestated.

A qualified Pest Professional can determine the type, source and extent of the infestation, then use registered insecticides to control the fleas.



Your pet/s should be treated in conjunction with the Pest Treatment to the site to obtain maximum affect. By seeking professional advice from your Local Vet you will minimise the possibility of future attacks to occur.

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