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Pest Control Sydney

Pest Control – Commercial

Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company provides integrated Pest Management Programs to suit your needs.  Our Pest Control Programs can be carried out on a fortnightly, monthly, bi monthly or quarterly service.  We tailor all of our Pest Control Services with non-toxic and low toxic procedures and products.


Our Pest Control Procedures are dedicated to exceed all requirements for HACCP, AQIS, OH&S, YUM,BRC and 9001:2000 standards.  Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company has an outstanding reputation by providing professional service and innovative pest control programs with exceptional results.  NO matter how big the project or small the request, we strive for excellence.  Our Pest Control Company is based on reliability and quality service with a smile.


Below are some commercial Complexes/Industries

Pest Control Industries


•Food Processing


•Food Storage






•Mills/Processing Plants

•Kindergarten/Child Care


•Nursing Homes/Aged Care

•Shopping Centres

•Facilities Management



•Government Institutions


Our Pest Control Company supplies all of our, customer’s with a service log folder which holds all the necessary requirements to fulfil HACCP, OH&S and AQIS requirements.  Our service log folder consists of a pest sighting record, insurances, licenses, agreed service program, MSDS sheets, rodent bait station map, invoices and reports.  Along with this folder we also supply you with an electronic barcode recording system, which documents everything we do, everywhere we go and at what time and date we do it.  It’s a computer generated system that gives the client “Proof of Service”.  HACCP principles and methods are built into our service and our electronic barcode recording system where applicable.  Our systems have a total focus on solving your Pest Control Problems and are balanced with an awareness of our responsibilities, health/safety requirements and the surrounding environment.


We cover a range of pests which include:


•German Cockroaches

•Rodents (Rats, Mice)

•Bird Control



•Stored Product Pests




Pest Control – Cockroaches

Pestige Solutions, cockroach and german cockroach pest control treatments are highly successful and non-disruptive to the work place and persons working within.  Our pest control treatments are carried out during normal working hours and after working hours, depending on the industry or complex.


All pest control treatments start with a thorough inspection of the premises, identifying the pests involved and their breeding areas.  These areas may include cracks, crevices, high risk electrical appliances/machines, store rooms, warehouses and garbage areas.  With the combination of a highly trained technician and selected pest control products we can rectify any pest control problem you have or could arise in the future.  All areas must be accessed so they can be inspected and treated as necessary.  Our Pest Control Technicians will also give recommendations which can improve hygiene and sanitation levels within your business.  These recommendations will also enhance our methods in controlling your pest problems.


We use odourless liquid surface sprays, powders, baits and gels to acquire full control of any cockroach or german cockroach infestation.


Pest Control – Rodents

As climate conditions become less favourable during the onset of winter months, rodents move indoors looking for both shelter and food.  However rodents in a commercial premises; can be a problem all year round.


Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company can provide you with an integrated Pest Management Program to help alleviate your Rodent problem.  It involves consideration of all control procedures including attention to sanitation and hygiene, trapping, proofing of entry points and the use of baiting procedures with further maintenance programs.  All control procedures are preceded by a thorough inspection of the entire premises to identify the rodent and to define the extent of the infestation.


In most sites we install external Rodent Bait Stations which are mounted to external perimeter walls.  These Stations are lockable, labelled and weatherproof.  This enables us to solve the problem on the outside before they become a problem inside.


Pest Control – Birds

Eliminating birds as pest problems can be complicated and frustrating.  Successful bird control requires experience and expertise, we at Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company have both.  We offer a wide range of bird control products and services and we can solve your bird problem permanently and humanely.  Birds as a pest can cause millions of dollars in damage; some of these birds include Pigeons, Indian Myna’s, Starling, Sparrows, Cockatoos and Ibis’.  They and other feral birds contaminate food in warehouses and food plants.  Bird’s nests and their droppings can damage equipment, deface buildings, signs, Street lights, stored products, cars and can cause hazardous working conditions.  In large flocks, birds can be noise, dirty and even dangerous.  Some carry diseases and parasites that can affect people such as Salmonella, Encephalitis, Meningitis and Histoplasmosis.


A wide range of exclusion devices and habit modifications can effectively remove and relocate birds from your property. Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company uses the latest, most innovative products such as stealth netting, stainless steel bird spikes and tension wire on posts, Eagle Eye scaring devices and Bird Shock Flexi Track. Some of our services include baiting, trapping, proofing and relocating.


Every Structure has its own unique shape and size requiring a customised program to address existing environment conditions.


Please give us a call at Pestige Solutions Pest Control Company on 1300 850 741 and speak with our delightful office staff.  We service all parts of the metropolitan area of Sydney and will tailor any Pest Management Program to suit your needs and the environment you work in.


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