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Cockroaches are pests in residences, commercial buildings and industrial complexes. Cockroaches congregate in micro habitats with high humidity usually around or in closes proximity to food production of food storage areas.Cockroaches are found indoors and outdoors. Cockroaches are scavengers and will eat almost anything e.g.: Dead animals, vegetable materials, cardboard, fabrics, glue, hair and book bindings.


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Cockroaches and German cockroaches (small ones) can breed very fast and they can overpopulate areas in short amounts of time. By the time you see them it is probably too late.

Cockroaches congregate and breed in dark areas with high humidity. Large cockroaches in a residential home are usually found in roof voids, beneath patios or just around the garden and fences. This goes the same for commercial properties but is measured in a larger scale.

German cockroaches are found in kitchen appliances, fridges, dishwashers, cracks and crevices. Where ever there is some warmth, they will congregate and breed there. Again these areas are very similar in commercial properties but on a larger scale.

German cockroaches seem to be the more annoying of the two general types of cockroaches because they are invading our personal space, but also because they breed the fastest, they are small and hard to eradicate.


IPM is a systems approach that combines non-chemical strategies including exclusion techniques, alternation of harbourage sites, and proper sanitation with the targeted placement of pesticides with preference for products that are least harmful to human health and the environment. It is not an elimination of pesticides but a common sense approach in combining non-chemical pest control with traditional pest control measures.


Cockroach treatments are carried out with low toxic and non-toxic procedures and techniques. Combining an improvement of hygiene and sanitation levels with treating high risk areas can eliminate most of your cockroach or German cockroach problems for months.

Treatments to residential buildings consist of using liquid, powder and /or gel techniques. These techniques are carried out to all accessible areas which are deemed necessary for the control of your particular cockroach problem. Cockroaches are found in many household areas as well as in gardens, fence lines, garages and sheds. Treatments covering these areas will guarantee that you will not have further cockroach problems in the future.

German cockroaches are generally targeted in the kitchen areas, however if they have overpopulated these areas, they can also be found in bathrooms, bedrooms, laundries etc. German cockroaches breed in dark, warm areas usually in electrical devices around hot water systems or generally situated within your kitchen cupboards. German cockroach control has specified techniques targeted to these high risk areas and differ from job to job. If you miss just one high risk area you may not get control of German cockroaches.

There is nothing in the supermarket which will help you control these dirty little pests. So CALL US NOW.

Commercial pest management involves the control of multiple pests but most important is the cockroach and German cockroach. Cockroaches within commercial kitchens, complexes, food production facilities, restaurants and cafes can lead to Salmonella poisoning.

Hygiene and sanitation levels must be above standards to help us integrate a pest management program to suit you. Cleaning of drains, removal of rubbish, sealing of cracks and devices and combining a suitable pest management program will keep a pests free environment in and around your food production areas.

Feel free to call us now so we can help you keep your premises an ongoing pest free environment.

cockroach control, pest control German Cockroaches10-15mm in length, dark orange/brown in colourThey are only found internally amongst electrical appliances and warm environments. Cracks, crevices and kitchen door hinges supply great breeding areas for this species and they are usually found in large numbers. German Cockroaches are the WORST of them all as they breed a lot faster and are the hardest to control.

cockroach control - pest control Brown Banded Cockroach13-14mm in length, gold/brown in colour.These are commonly mistaken as German Cockroaches but they are only found in low numbers (eg. 1 or 2) and usually fly in from the outside neighbouring trees.
rodent control - pest control American Cockroach28-44mm in length. Dark orange in colour.Found in roof voids, drains and sewers and are the largest cockroach found in the Sydney Metropolitan area.
pest control, termite control Australia Cockroach30-35mm in length. Dark Brown/Black in colour.These cockroaches are more easily defined in colour as they have distinct yellow/white markings down the sides of the wings. Found in gardens and subfloor areas.
cockroach control - pest control Smoky Brown Cockroach30-35mm in length. Dark Brown/Black in colourFound in fences, stored timber and subfloor areas
cockroach control - pest control Oriental Cockroach20-24mm in length. Dark Brown in colour.
Found in basements, cellars, cool damp areas.

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