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“Bird Mites”, “Tropical Fowl Mites” or “Starwing Mites” are the common names. These mites are often incorrectly called Bird Lice.

Identification – They are most active during spring and early summer. They are semi transparent in colour and are the size of a pin head.

Contact with humans usually occurs after birds gain entry to roof cavities via broken tiles or through unprotected eaves of homes, factories, offices, nursing homes and other dwellings to construct their nests. The Mites feed on the unfeathered nestings as well as the adult birds. The large amount of nesting material used by the birds provides the mites with an ideal environment in which to thrive. The mites have a short life cycle, approximately 7 days, and can rapidly generate large populations

When young birds leave the nest, or die, many mites (often many tens of thousands) are left behind without a host. They will then disperse from the nest in search of a new host. They will usually die off after about 3 weeks as even though they can bite humans, they cannot survive with humans as a host.

Treatment & Control – An insecticidal spray needs to be applied to nest. The nest will need to be removed and a treatment by spray to rooms affected must be carried out. Upon eradication of mites and removal of nest/s, repairs of broken tiles or timber allowing access to roof cavities should be carried out ASAP. Roosting and nesting sites on window ledges should be treated, removed and cleared and made unsuitable for future bird use. Spikes, netting or wire can be attached to these ledges, sills or light wells to prevent further roosting.

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